28 February 2015

Actiderm Diamond Dust Powder, Powder Blush and Creme Eyeshadow

Actiderm are a beauty brand who are dedicated to the environment and do not conduct animal testing. Not only are their products eco-friendly, but their packaging is too, which comes across through it's lightweight feel. I was keen to try Actiderm's Diamond Dust Face Powder (£20) in shade 'Soft Breeze'. Actiderm describe it as a multi-purpose blush, bronzer, highlighter and colour corrective powder. After using it, I would describe it as being more of an iridescent finishing powder slash subtle highlighter. It has a soft, finely-milled texture which means it buffs into the face nicely and doesn't enlarge the look of pores.
I use this on the top of my cheekbones and brow bone to accentuate and highlight. It has a cool-tone, which I like as I'm not fond of warm highlighters. The diamond dust face powder has a decent longevity and keeps oils at bay for a few hours. What impresses me the most is the visual appeal of this product, it looks rather similar to Guerlain's pressed meteorites and quite fancy. Actiderm's Powder Blush On (£11.50) in shade 'Passion Plum' complements the face powder well and can be blended under the cheekbones to create a lovely glow. 'Passion Plum' a medium dusky pink, which is my favourite type of pink for a blush as it bodes nicely with my skin tone. It's lightweight and easily buildable, which is great for if you want to create more dramatic looks. Again, it has a fine texture but happily doesn't slip around in the pan. Interestingly, it contains Vitamin E and other beneficial ingredients, which subtly reveals Actiderm's core competence of skincare. This blusher is one I've been wearing a lot and it competes with my usual blushers well.
Lastly, I tested Actiderm's Creme Eyeshadow (£11) in 'Butterscotch', a sophisticated, muted gold. I really like how it applies as a cream, yet has the longevity of a powder eyeshadow. It's crease-free for the best part of the day, but I would recommend wearing a primer underneath. I would love to see Actiderm doing more than four shades of this cream eyeshadow because it's unlike many I've tried and combines the smoothness of a creamy texture with the lasting benefits of powder. Overall, Actiderm's cosmetics have pleasantly surprised me, and I recommend you check their out their offerings.


  1. I am super excited to try these! Thanks for the great Info!

  2. Loved reading this! So great these products are coming to the USA!!!